About Us


XACOTRANS is a Galician company founded in 2008 that offers from Melide, a parcel delivery service particularly aimed at walkers and pilgrims en route to Santiago de Compostela, to make it a safer and rewarding experience of the Camino.

XACOTRANS understands that such experience revolves around the physical effort of walking and not to overuse loading a heavy backpack. Contemplating the landscape, meditate, visit places of interest, socialize with other pilgrims, with the locals … can be ruined or clouded by injury or unnecessary suffering.

XACOTRANS  offers its fleet of vans to transport backpacks, suitcases or travel bags from one point to another of the route (see prices and conditions here). Now it has expanded its range of services with a minibus and a taxi, which you can consult in the web.

XACOTRANS is a company of José Luis Vizcaíno Vázquez (CIF 33833545 Q), with whom you can contact by calling +34 982639300 / 608581206.

xacotrans en el camino