Useful tips for walkers


En ruta hacia Santiago de Compostela: consejos útilesIn the past the pilgrims scarcely were carrying equipment. They relied on the kindness of the land they crossed and the hospitality of the people. Today, pilgrims are prepared to carry everything and not to depend on anything, but they often carry excessive weight. That is something that, especially in the later stages of the Camino, may prove to be wrong and cause great pain that keeps you from enjoying it and away from the relaxation and peace of mind that every pilgrim seeks.

Miles and miles of dirt roads, rocks, uphill and down … with heavy backpacks or bags is not the effort – though some believe it is – that should make the pilgrimage. The pilgrim gold is walking – or if not, horseback or bicycle route, stage by stage. This is the pilgrim’s own effort. Loading also with luggage is clearly excessive, bordering on masochism.

Fortunately, more and more pilgrims understand this difference and rely on support services like XACOTRANS.


The recommended weight limit for the backpack load is around 10% of the body weight. In any case it should not be more than 8 kilos for women and 10 kilos for men.

A backpack too heavy – those who practice “backpacking” are between 60 and 85 liters and can weigh up to 15 to 20 kg – you will wear out and you will suffer needlessly during the Camino more than you need to. Furthermore it may cause you a back injury or knee injury and bring you to abandon the Camino.

In any case, you do exceed the weight of your backpack. Our services XACOTRANS can sort this problem and help you fully enjoy the experience of the Camino.


There is a simple exercise to relax the spine: stand up and touch your feet back forward bending, or kneeling on the floor and advance to maximum the hands forward stretching your back. You can also lie back on a mat and bring your knees up to your ears. You must maintain this position for a few minutes because it is excellent for relaxing the joint chain. These stretches should be performed statically.

BROCHURE: Association of Physiotherapists of GALICIA

You’ll find helpful tips and recommendations from health experts especially suited for pilgrims, trekkers and travelers in general. recomendaciones de los expertos en salud especialmente indicados para peregrinos, senderistas y caminantes en general.